Sunday, January 6, 2013

empty ?

I pray everyday, and keep saying that I am happy for today . I live and die for Allah. I don't want anything else . what I have now is enough . I am happy now .
one day, I meet this guy. . his name is Adam . he were sooo cool ! I am afraid if I 'lalai' remembering Allah . so, I pray, that I don't want anything . everything is enough . last night , I almost got hit by a car . I were shocked and unable to do anything . I feel ashamed ( I don't know why) . and that time ,  I lost the feeling . feeling that . . . entah . the word 'empty' is how I describe it . nothing . zero . and actually this is what I really want . and I believe thinking that Allah is there for me is enough . I am happy enough . :)

alhamdulillah :)

busker seeker

I join this kind of street musician . they were very talented! I start to be more social and see the other world. but not that 'social' , I just met and know more people . I am happy. hey, I am musician and singer is definitely not me! I just join it . 'lepak-lepak' with them . seriously, they were really talented ! I met a lot of people ! :) 

last few days, busker seeker collaborate with gyp , the photohunter .they were soooo cool ! then, we having this kind of bbq day, and now I really think and I am growing up ~ social ! but don't worry, I know how to keep myself safe. I just happy . :)

new year 2013

happy new year 2013 !! :) . I miss everything . My school life . My life . my family . everything ! I am getting old . and I kept thinking about age . what gonna happen in few seconds, few hours, few days, few weeks , few months, few years . . . I am afraid . recently, I watch Vampire's Diary, and I think, what if I live forever . superb weird right ! to be immortal !? but , If I find the way, I definitely do it . FUNNY ! . life and death , I think about it . what it gonna be. what I will be . I am not younger anymore . gonna be 21 this year. my mom gonna be older . I kept thinking what my life gonna be if she were not here anymore. I afraid that I will be crumble . really crumble . I might lost myself . I wont suicide . just lost . maybe I am not ready to these thing to happen . I just wanna her to be happy. Losing 'him' few years before was a tragic for me.

I kept trying to remember how does 'He' looks like . My Father . please myself , don't ever forget about him .

I love you mom and dad :) <3 p="p">

Saturday, June 9, 2012

mcm. . .

mcm budu jaa post psal love2 neee. haihh~ ahhaha . .
btwn, semuanya sda over dgn dia . :) happy! sy skrg mkin happy dgn life sy,kuat makan pastu kuat tidur lagi nee ba, adui.

his girlfriend follow me in my twitter account. i wonder if she know what is goin on btwn me and her bf. ahha, i hope she doesnt know at all. well, i think she's a really nice girl. she's pretty, clever, kind, sweet ! what happen btwn me and her bf, is totally a stupid things . honestly, when am with him, i din know that he still wif his gf. so , anyone,pls dont blame me k :)

to know him, is a great moment but to have the memories with him, i can said that its sucks. :3 . however, i wish he always healthy and happy with his life. i dont hold any grudge toward him. i just cant forgive myself. the reason that only i know.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

stronger . .

am getting stronger . .

am deleting ur sms each day ,. . until its empty . . when its empty that is the sign when am really forget about you . .

I dont know what will happen when we meet again . . I will learn to be cool . . ^^